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curry is the best regular season player in the nba
  Into Infinity, Jun 14 2019

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new year, new me!
  Into Infinity, Dec 29 2018

...not really.

since my last couples of posts, i have:

moved and got a new job
+finally broke six figures
-six figures doesn't mean shit in OC
-culture of new job is terrible, can't see myself lasting more than 1.5 years, can't see the company lasting another five (it's a pretty well known startup in it's niche)
+lots of established companies in the area so i don't think it'd be too bad to find a new gig
-miss my friends, lol

broke lifting PRs
+actually benching decent numbers now
+455 deadlift
+>300 front squat
-hurt my back maxing out on DL then back squatting right after so haven't DL'd in over two months

picked up piano again

putting close to 2k/month in savings
-also got to watch my money wither away over the last couple of months

started BJJ (cassio werneck in the sacramento area)
-moved two months later so had to quit, but had a lot of fun doing it despite getting my ass kicked every time

anyways, new years goals...

-break 1200 for bench/squat/diddly (hoping for 275 bench, 425 squat, 495 DL, current is 205/355/385, being pretty conservative on squat and DL post injury)
*donate $1/lb to a good charity. a couple of years ago when i first broke 1000 i donated to, hoping to do something similar

-cut back down to 175 around june/july (current 195)

-add 30k to taxable investments - currently putting 0 in 401k because i don't see myself staying long enough to get any vested amount (100% after 3 years). right now i'm currently putting in 900/check, this will have to be increased to 1250/check
-play these at a decent level:

+ Show Spoiler +

+ Show Spoiler +

that's all for today folks... until next time

/dear diary

edit: after looking through previous blog posts, it looks like i never actually progressed in my lifts, which makes me sad.

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nl25 review
  Into Infinity, Oct 16 2017

decided to put in some money on ACR since i had some BTC lying around.

i was never a big winner (used to make cry posts on here a lot, but i was a pretty big gay back then) but pre-black friday i was winning around 4 BB/100 or so? i was pretty bad at the game but i thought it was easy to win doing the standard stuff.

my first impression of ACR is that nl25 is full of regs. i've been 6 tabling 6 max and it seems like i'll have the same people on every table.

anyway... i haven't played in a while and haven't been keeping up with the poker meta so maybe i'm just a bit out of touch (or i just suck, lol)

first 3.5k hands. not too impressive. a lot of my bigger losing hands is just fancy play syndrome and putting myself in bad spots (edit: one session, all the tables were full, so i sat at 4 empty tables and had the same guy sit against me on all four and destroy me for four BIs before i gave up), but i've hand some hands where i scratched my head a bit at. hoping for some input:

hand 1:
+ Show Spoiler +

hand 2:
+ Show Spoiler +

hand 3:
+ Show Spoiler +

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